Getting Personal with the Ark Team

We keep it cool on the Arkberg, and we’re not just talking temperature.

The Ark dev team is made up of the baddest bunch in the bay. Not your typical pale set of programmers, the dev team is athletic, energetic, and even poetic. We’ve got runners, b-ballers, biking enthusiast, hikers, swimmers, and obviously DDR champions. When the Ark team (resembling Greek gods) aren’t maintaining their physiques or working tirelessly on improving, they’re appeasing their insatiable appetites for the arts and all things intellectual. Dreamers, thinkers, well-read and politically inclined individuals with both style and charm, that’s the Ark dev team. Tech world, you’re welcome.   

Ark’s marketing department is smooth like ice. They’ve got a knack for excellence and they’re not afraid to use it.Their attitudes, easy breezy, but their work ethic, hardcore. While spreading the Ark work is a shared passion, these ladies, like the dev team, have interests outside of Ark. Once off the Arkberg, the marketing team enjoys channeling their inner athletes, chowing down on sushi, gettin’ down to live music, and volunteering at their favorite non-profits.  

The founders, otherwise known as the OG penguins, have a lot on their plate, but still manage to let loose and have a good time when the mood strikes. When their not holding  down the berg, they enjoy staying active, spending time with their pets, and keeping up with the latest in tech.

To learn more about the Ark team, check out the team page of the Ark website and Twitter, @Ark.

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