Are we living online more than offline?

Mashable recently wrote an article titled Is Social Media Destroying Real-World Relationships? Based on their infographic a notably whopping 24% of Facebook users reported missing real-world events due to being too hurried to include them on their Facebook timeline! This type of monumental shift and change in the way people build relationships is one of the things that we here at Ark are trying to address.  

Our focus is to help people find that exact person or people that they’re looking for. We do that by bringing together information from various sites to create the most comprehensive overview about any given person. All this effort gives our users the ability to do a truly customizable people search based on criteria that they’re looking for. Some of our users may use it solely to find people that they want to connect with online, while others may want to take it a step further and reach out to that person offline.

While some may think this type of online interaction can detract from personal relationships, it can actually enhance and deepen the understanding one individual has about another based on the type of content that person shares.

It would only be a mistake to trade off real world connections for online relationships (as 24% of respondents admitted doing). Instead these social sites should function as a complement and an added boost to both reach out beyond the immediacy of our surroundings and to connect in ways that are new and innovative. These can be in the form of internet memes, shared life events or searches for contacts on any corner of the globe.

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