Future Apps Could Help You Network In Any Situation

After reading about Facebook’s location-based app and how their Glancee acquisition influenced their recently released (and then pulled) Find Friends app, we took a little time from product development to think deeper about how these type of apps are influencing our connections to the immediate world around us while on the go.

Before the acquisition, the founders of Glancee made an emphasis on serendipity, the accidental going ons of everyday life that make it special, whimsical and memorable. These moments happen when we create a connection and when we experience a new sound, a new flavor or a new place. For us, it seems that the intent of all these location-based applications is to help facilitate these type of moments for people when the mood strikes them. On a whim, they’re able to find a new shop just around the corner, get excited when they see their crush is a block away or track down that new, hit food truck.

We believe that Ark can and will also function as this kind of serendipitous machine that fosters these interactions with people. Ark is meant to ignite the process of searching for new and interesting contacts to add to your circle of friends. As we work on our mobile app, we are not only keeping in mind all the functions you’ll need, but also all the ways that it can create and influence you while you’re on the go.