The Penguins are Blogging, Keep Up with Ark on the Company Blog

Ladies, gentlemen, and of course, penguins welcome to our blog!

So far so good here on the Arkberg and on the Ark blog. The personal search game has been super exciting and we can’t wait to tell you all about it. On the blog, we’ll keep you posted on interesting  industry-wide news and let you in on what’s going on at the Arkberg, a.k.a headquarters. As happy as we are to share what’s on our minds, we can’t wait to hear from  you too. Also, keep on the lookout for contests and other opportunities to win Ark swag, details regarding upcoming events, fun photos, and more!   

So what is Ark exactly?

Ark is the personal search engine that helps you connect with people. More than a people directory, Ark is a social utility that enables you to easily find the right person that you’re looking for. Finding new friend, an old classmate, a new business contact, or someone who is already in your network is a breeze with Ark.

Here are a few examples of searches you might do:

  • Current city: San Francisco + activity: ultimate frisbee = a new friend to toss a frisbee with
  • A city that you’re visiting + high school = meet up with old classmates while on the road
  • My friends tab + people who like your favorite band + current city = someone to go to the concert with
  • Language: French + college + college class year = someone to study for the French midterm with
  • Works at Goldman Sachs + Columbia Graduate + current city: Palo Alto = a good person to talk to about your company’s investments
  • Interested in: desired gender + current city: San Francisco + employers: Twitter + first name: Jessica + favorite book: The Great Gatsby = girl you met at happy hour yesterday

Who is Ark?

From a variety of diverse backgrounds, the Ark team is made up of about 20 creative, technically savvy, enthusiastic individuals who all want to help you connect your world. Our unofficial motto is “work hard, play hard.” We’re serious about creating an awesome product, but we know how to have a good time in the process.

For more info about the Ark team, click here.

For additional information on Ark feel free to check us out at or follow us @Ark on Twitter!